Health Care Administration — Associate of Applied Science

Program Overview

The Health Care Administration Associate of Applied Science degree program prepares students in various aspects of healthcare facility management, human resource management, healthcare operations, business and financial management, and medical law and ethics. Students can select from one of the four concentration areas: Medical Office Management; Human, Social and Health Services; Health Care Operations and Strategic Management; or General Concentration.

What you'll learn

  • Evaluate administrative duties required of healthcare professionals.
  • Describe basic human anatomy and physiology, disease processes, associated pharmacotherapy, and medical terminology.
  • Use business and healthcare office applications, including electronic health records software.
  • Apply financial record keeping skills, including accounts receivable and payable and payroll preparation.
  • Analyze principles of effective interpersonal and customer service skills, teamwork, and written and verbal communication used to improve healthcare services and the patient experience.
  • Apply principles of management, supervision, and human resources to lead and support healthcare personnel and improve business productivity.
  • Utilize accounting and financial record keeping skills to complete accounts receivable and payable as well as payroll preparation.
  • Demonstrate an ability and desire for advancement in the profession through a dedication to life‐long learning.
  • Show an appreciation for studies of the arts, sciences, and humanities for development of a more learned professional as manifests in communication and behavior.
  • Utilize critical thinking in the performance of all duties and responsibilities of one’s role.